Thursday, May 05, 2005

Laff Line of the Fortnight 

Our distinguished colleague Roger Gathman of Limited, Inc. explains why Tony Blair is "marginally more evil" than George Bush:
[T]he margin consists of his much greater intelligence—Blair is Iago to Bush’s Ubu Roi.
Later in the same post:
One of the most electrifying moments in the past month wasn't directly related to the election. George MacDonald Fraser was talking on the Today programme about the latest of his marvellous Flashman novels. Now an octogenarian, a Tory of Tories, this splendid writer is for ever groaning about the dismal modern age and every woe from political correctness to the metric system. More relevantly, a lifetime earlier he was an infantryman, who saw his best friend killed beside him.

Suddenly there was an explosion on air. He had never in his life felt more ashamed of his country than he had over Iraq, the old soldier said. He could not get out of his head two pictures, one of a small Iraqi boy with his arms blown off by American bombs, and another of our prime minister smirking sycophantically at President Bush's side.
See also Gathman's "Damned, Rammed, and Sunke" for some eschatology we can get behind.

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