Thursday, May 05, 2005

Theory of Comedy 

The Blairs are at the White House, visiting their good friends the Bushes. After dinner they settle in with brandies (in George's case, a cup of warm cocoa) for a friendly game of Twenty Questions.

Laura, who loves Twenty Questions, insists on guessing first. Under the rules, the Blairs must think of a person, place, or thing, then write it down on a scrap of paper; the Bushes are then allowed a maximum of twenty yes-or-no questions to guess what it is.

A mischievous glint comes into Tony's eye. He scribbles frantically on a small notepad, then shows what he's written to Cherie. She has to suppress a snort of laughter when she sees the words on the pad: "HORSE COCK."

With much snickering, the Blairs tear off the page, fold it twice, and slip it under a cashew dish on the coffee table. Sly Tony cocks an eyebrow. "Mr. President? As leader of the free world, the first question goes to you."

"Ho-kay." George scratches his chin in that Solomonic way of his. "Lessee, now . . . person, place or thing. Is it . . . edible?"

Tony happens, at the moment, to be taking a sip of brandy, and he spews it all over the table. Cherie dissolves into uncontrollable giggles. After a brief pause to dry his eyes (and his shirt), Tony says: "I may have to ask you for a clarification there. What exactly do you mean by 'edible'?"

"I mean edible," George tells him. "You know. Like something you'd put in your mouth."

Which prompts another, even more frenzied explosion of hilarity: Cherie stomps on the floor and pounds the sofa cushions. Tony barks like a circus seal. A good thirty seconds pass before he can compose himself enough to reply. "Well then, yes, George; I would have to say that the item in question is . . . theoretically . . . edible. Wouldn't you say so, dear?"

"Oh, yes, love, by that definition -- most certainly edible. Over to you, Laura."

The First Lady deliberates for a moment. "Hmmm," she says, quite cheerfully. "Is it horse cock?"


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