Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Balls to the Left 

We mentioned last weekend that Rep. John Conyers was hoping to collect 100,000 signatures on his letter to the President regarding the Downing Street Memo. After less than a week, Conyers is only 14,000 signatures shy of his original goal; he now hopes to deliver a quarter of a million names to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. From today's update:

The most serious matter for the Congress and the President is the decision to go to war. It is the sole constitutional responsibility of Congress to decide whether to declare war. The President has a constitutional responsibility to be straightforward and candid with the Congress in providing it with the information it needs to evaluate the case for war. If that decision is skewed or corrupted by false or misleading information, it raises the most serious Constitutional questions and substantial issues about abuse of power....

If, as the Downing Street Minutes appear to clearly indicate, the falsehoods that led us into war were deliberate manipulations of the public and Congress, we deserve to know and we deserve answers. More importantly, we need to hold this President accountable for a very grave abuse of power.
Another five members of Congress have recently co-signed Conyers's letter, bringing the total to 89. If you would like to add your own signature, we urge you to do so by clicking here.

By now you have probably noticed, in our blogroll at left, a graphic linking to the Big Brass Alliance, a coalition of bloggers organized by our esteemed colleague Melissa of Shakespeare's Sister to aid and support AfterDowningStreet.org in publicizing this crucial (and disgracefully) underreported story. The alliance is currently 282 members strong, and any blogger who wishes to join may do so here. To subscribe to the BBA action-alert mailing list, send an e-mail to bigbrassalliance-request@bigbrassblog.com with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

And feel free to ignore the following Googlebomb, which we expect you will be seeing with some regularity if you spend much time on the lefty blogs:

Downing Street Memo / Rycroft Memo / George W Bush / Iraq war

(We had a larger Googlebomb but we disarmed it on instructions from our resident UXB-disposal expert Paperwight.)

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