Friday, June 10, 2005

Dean Genie 

You have no doubt noticed that a number of 600-lb. gorillabloggers, including Atrios and the gang at AmericaBlog, have recently encouraged their readers to donate money to the DNC in a show of support for its beleaguered chair, fast-talkin', slow-walkin', good-lookin' Howard Dean. Our esteemed colleague Fred of Timbuk3 (the site, not the band) wanted to contribute, but also wanted to be sure Dean would be acknowledged as the reason for his largesse. Unfortunately, he discovered, there's no such mechanism in place.

Which means that Dean boosters have two options:
1) A donation to the DNC can be accompanied with a letter, saying what you want to say, but it's not really tabulated in any way. This is worth consideration, because of the lies being told about Dean's "pathetic" performance as a fundraiser, but there's another interesting option.

2) You can donate to Democracy for America,

Democracy for America is being run by Howard Dean's brother, now. Dr. Dean is no longer involved in it, but it's "dedicated to his vision." One of those visions is identifying and helping local candidates who stand for social freedom and fiscal responsibility. I specifically asked if money went only to Democrats and the answer is "no", it can go to independents, too. The support is for candidates who believe in personal freedom for us and fiscal responsibility from the government, period.
Further details at the DFA website.

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