Friday, June 24, 2005

How to Win a Vote 

While rooting for truffles in the comments section at Limited, Inc., we found a link to a column by decorated Vietnam veteran John Cory, who echoes and/or anticipates certain suggestions made by Darms and Mercury in comments below:
This GOP has the moral certitude of Errol Flynn at a convention of underage bargirls in Bangkok. And ethics? Please! Republicans have the ethics of - well - Tom Delay and Randy "Duke" Cunningham and the Ohio Coin-gOp scandal. They quote Stalin as a means of dealing with the judiciary or anyone who opposes them, but no one makes them apologize. They call Democrats traitors, and accuse them of aiding the enemy, while at the same time, the GOP ensures their friends profit from the deaths of American soldiers. There is not a corpse in this country that these people will not stick Uncle Dick's cheney into, in order to screw themselves into a frenzy of godly power. And yet, these bilious bullies rule the political playground? Give me a break!

If you're a Democrat, I'll give you everything I have, money, time, whatever; and all you have to do is - give me my country back. All you have to do is stand up and face the storm. Expose these hypocrites for what they are and what they do in the name of America. My America.

Let me tell you three things you could do if you really want my support. I'm no corporation, just a working stiff, so I will certainly understand if you pay me no never-mind. But if you are interested in stirring the pot and maybe generating a whole heap of grassroots support, here's my Three-Step Democracy Recovery program:

  • Support John Conyers and the hearings on the Downing Street Minutes and every revelation that comes out of these papers. Hold Bush Co. accountable by making the issue public via the Internet, your own web sites, any newspaper with integrity (not NY Times or Washington Post - I said integrity), support liberal blogs at every opportunity. Put it on your answering machines.

  • Take a group, a LARGE group of Congressmen and Senators over to Dover Air Base to honor and photograph the returning dead from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do not be deterred by MPs or civilian police, and be willing to be arrested for trespassing. Let the Bush administration arrest a congressional delegation representing the families of the fallen for daring to face the price America pays for Bush's War.

  • Rent a Jumbotron in Times Square and use the Nightline model of the Iran hostage crisis - remember? (Day 152 of "America Held Hostage") Only this time, the Jumbotron flashes the picture of our young troops with the caption: "Death 1732 - Wound 5432 - of the Bush War."

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