Sunday, June 19, 2005

Osama on Ice 

Courtesy of Zemblan patriot J.M.: Timothy Burger of Time had the opportunity to ask ten questions of CIA honcho Porter Goss, and these were the four we found interesting:
1. WHEN WILL WE GET OSAMA BIN LADEN? That is a question that goes far deeper than you know. In the chain that you need to successfully wrap up the war on terror, we have some weak links. And I find that until we strengthen all the links, we're probably not going to be able to bring Mr. bin Laden to justice. We are making very good progress on it. But when you go to the very difficult question of dealing with sanctuaries in sovereign states, you're dealing with a problem of our sense of international obligation, fair play. We have to find a way to work in a conventional world in unconventional ways that are acceptable to the international community.

2. IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAVE A PRETTY GOOD IDEA OF WHERE HE IS. WHERE? I have an excellent idea of where he is. What's the next question?
Pretty much screams "Pakistan," doesn't it? Question: Are we leaving him alone out of deference to Musharraf? Or are we keeping him under wraps because he's so darned useful as a bogeyman, helping to keep the American public in a perpetual state of fear (and better yet, tractability)?
4. COULD THE U.S. GO TO WAR AGAIN BASED ON FALSE INTELLIGENCE? I would not agree to surmise that America has gone to war based on false intelligence. I would say that the right question is: Should America be checking out threats to America? The answer is yes. And will we find some threats were more talk than real? Yes, we will.
A revealing answer by Goss and one with which we happen to agree. As the Downing Street minutes make perfectly clear, false intelligence played no part in the decision to go to war; it was merely used to bamboozle the public into believing that war was necessary.
10. YOU'RE INTO ORGANIC GARDENING. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Mrs. Goss got a little horrified after she started reading the labels on some of the processed foods. We have a farm that [uses] no pesticides, no hormones, no additives--just compost and hard work. And we grow natural. I must say it's very rewarding to see. But the problem is, the critters take half of every plant. They're ha
There is no point in reproducing Mr. Goss's reply in full. We will merely note that, having only ten questions to work with, Mr. Burger must have had a difficult time indeed choosing between the final question he did ask and the one he obviously wanted to -- May I lick your ass now, sir?

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