Friday, July 08, 2005

Chinese Sex Idiots 

Go right ahead and accuse us of trolling for Google hits (which we aren't; if we were, we would have mentioned "anal sex grannies," which is guaranteed to bring in thousands of -- oops! Well, we'll know soon enough), but the item below only seems to be gratuitously salacious. In this case the prurient is political:
Chinese are more ignorant about sex than any other subject, the official Xinhua news agency quoted a sex expert as saying on Thursday.

"In the survey we conducted, not only youngsters but many grown-ups are sex idiots, which is really dangerous and woeful," Xinhua quoted Xu Tianming, president of the China Sexology Society, as telling a seminar . . . .

Xu himself demonstrated a unique understanding of the subject, saying people could only enjoy a normal sex life until the age of 25. He added that meant teenagers should be allowed to socialise more freely with members of the opposite sex . . . .

Attitudes about sex have relaxed since Communist China began market reforms in the late 1970s, opening the doors to teenage dating and also creating a huge increase in adultery and divorce.
See? It isn't gay marriage, Janet Jackson's tit, or the absence of prayer in the classroom that destroys the family unit. It's free-market capitalism.

Remind us to call Thomas Frank with a business proposition. We see him making a fortune on the lecture circuit as the opening act for Dr. James Dobson.

UPDATE: Make that "FREE anal sex grannies."

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