Friday, July 01, 2005

The Conservative Response to 9/11 

Zemblan patriot K.Z. alerts us to a Drudge item (damn! For some reason we can't seem to link to Drudge. Why is that? Conscience, perhaps?) that will come as a delight, if not a surprise. On The McLaughlin Group earlier tonight Lawrence O'Donnell reportedly said: 'I'm probably gonna get pulled into the grand jury for saying this, but it will be revealed in [Time reporter Matt] Cooper's notes that it is Karl Rove who leaked [CIA operative Valerie] Plame's identity.'

Now remember: according to John Dean among others, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald may not be able to bring an indictment against Rove for violating the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act. However, the focus of his investigation appears to have shifted, and he might yet nail Rove on charges of perjury and/or obstruction of justice.

If Mr. Rove does finally have occasion to be frogmarched into court, we won't quibble over the reason -- as long as we get the chance to remind the President's brain what the President's father had to say about "those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources."

UPDATE (7/2): Atrios has already linked to the following item, but what the hell --it's too good not to share:
Adding to the growing intrigue in the Plame case, the grand jury investigating the leak of the covert CIA operative's name has subpoenaed a wide range of White House documents, including records of telephone calls from Air Force One and information relating to an internal working group dealing with Iraq, government sources confirmed to CNN on Friday.

"We are complying fully with the request from the Department of Justice," White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters Friday.

Government sources told CNN the federal grand jury was seeking any information about contacts between White House officials and more than two dozen reporters. The grand jury also asked for a transcript of a briefing by former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer.

The subpoenaed information regarding telephone calls to and from Air Force One, sources said, covered July 7-12, while the president was on a trip to Africa. The requested transcript was from a briefing during that trip as well . . . .

Many of the documents subpoenaed Friday relate to the White House Iraq Group, a little-known task force. Newsweek reported that the group was created in August 2002.

The Newsweek report cites an earlier Washington Post article that lists senior political adviser Karl Rove, Bush advisers Karen Hughes and Mary Matalin, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and Vice President Dick Cheney among the group's members.

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