Tuesday, July 26, 2005

English Civil War 

We are now prepared to designate Recidivist Journals as our official go-to site for coverage of the Menezes shooting. Items now on view at that worthy blog include a detailed rebuttal of earlier claims that Menezes's visa had expired, and a link to a Guardian/ICM poll revealing that 63% of Muslim respondents have considered leaving Britain in the wake of the 7/7 bombings.

On a perhaps-related note, the Scotsman reports (via our stalwart colleagues at Cursor) that 300 National Front demonstrators gathered on Sunday to chant racist slogans outside the Central London Mosque. Inside, Prof. Tariq Ramadan was urging his audience to renounce violence:
He told the 70-strong audience that "killing an innocent" was never justified.

"There must be no more killing. There is no justification. The Muslim community needs to work from within to solve this and that is what this conference is about today."

Meanwhile, the National Front supporters gathered at a pub near Baker Street Underground station.

Police intercepted them as they attempted to march to the mosque. Officers forced them to return to Baker Street, where police vans penned them in for half an hour.

One protester, who would not give his name, said: "We are concerned English people from up and down the country who are sick of this Muslim s***.

"We wanted to come down here today and have our say but it seems a group of Englishmen can't even get together to do that any more. It is like we are living in a police state."

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