Friday, July 29, 2005

In Every Dream Home a Nuclear Holocaust 

Via Zemblan patriot J.M. (not that J.M. -- the other J.M.), a real-estate listing for the exclusive property we hope to be occupying when A) the housing bubble bursts, and B) the rest of James Howard Kunstler's predictions come true:
World's most unique luxury home - An incredible balance of natural beauty and technological innovation. Pristine mountain property and panoramic views in combination with the ultimate level of security and privacy.

Enjoy the privacy of an exclusive, luxurious mountain home which includes many acres of the most beautiful land New York State has to offer. The complex, accessible via its own private paved airstrip, offers the optimum level of security and privacy available today.

FAA/DOT approved private paved runway. Up to 100 acres of manicured ground, forest and trails. Privacy, security and low taxes. Year-round activities. Knowledgeable caretaker available.

2 Story 3' thick epoxy resin formulated concrete reinforced with stainless steel mesh structure is 40' diameter containing 2300 sf luxury home with full kitchen, dining, entertainment center, with 2 private suites and exquisite marble baths with Jacuzzi. Contemporary fiber optic effect lighting along with natural sunlight rendition back lighting. Has escape hatch leading directly to surface home garage above. High circulation venting (two 18" vent tubes). Video surveillance exposing 360 degree view of surface.

Climate constant/approx. 58 degree earth ambient temperature. 50' Diameter X 185' / 9 floor steel superstructure. Entire steel superstructure hangs from gigantic spring suspension system designed to absorb shock of a direct nuclear hit. Unlimited Possibilities!!!

Does Russia still have this site as a target?

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