Friday, July 08, 2005

Principled When It Suits Her 

We are derelict in not having brought you the tentative schedule for Slate's Judy Miller Slammer Film Festival, but Zemblan patriot D.E. has full info on the winning entries (the opening night attraction, recommended by SSG Terry Welch of the Kansas National Guard, will be Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis in The Siege). On a related note, we were highly amused to read, at Liberal Oasis, a telling anecdote exhumed by our eagle-eyed colleague Bill Scher from last year's New York magazine profile of the noted First Amendment martyr:
But when there is trouble, it appears she’s more than happy to pass around the responsibility. One incident that still rankles happened last April, when Miller co-bylined a story with Douglas Jehl on the WMD search that included a quote from Amy Smithson, an analyst formerly at the Henry L. Stimson Center. A day after it appeared, the Times learned that the quote was deeply problematic. To begin with, it had been supplied to Miller in an e-mail that began, “Briefly and on background”—a condition that Miller had flatly broken by naming her source. Miller committed a further offense by paraphrasing the quote and distorting Smithson’s analysis. One person who viewed the e-mail says that it attributed views to Smithson that she clearly didn’t hold. An embarrassing correction ensued. And while the offense had been entirely Miller’s, there was nothing in the correction indicating Jehl’s innocence.
UPDATE: See also Grand Moff Texan of the Booman Tribune on Judith Miller, longtime asset (via Susie Madrak).

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