Monday, July 11, 2005

Safe European Home 

Courtesy of Zemblan patriot J.D.: We'll send them into Baghdad, sure, and into Fallujah, but simple prudence demands we draw the line somewhere:
Thousands of American servicemen and women based in Britain have been banned from entering London in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

Members of the US Air Force stationed at two RAF bases in Suffolk have been instructed not to go within the M25 until further notice.

Matt Tulis, a spokesman at RAF Mildenhall, said the directive was issued to 10,000 personnel on Thursday in the aftermath of the bombings and was considered the most effective measure to protect their troops . . . .

Asked whether he thought the directive may send out a negative message to Britons, [Staff Sgt Jeff Hamm at RAF Lakenheath] insisted the US military did sympathise with them, particularly having experienced the September 11 terrorist outrage . . . .

Both Londoners and New Yorkers have been urged to go back to work, to use public transport as normal and not to be deterred by the terrorists.

City chiefs in both the UK and the US have made a point of publicly taking the Underground in an effort to encourage civilians not to let last Thursday's events instil fear of further attacks.
UPDATE (via Zemblan patriot K.Z.): After an outpouring of public opprobrium and ridicule, U.S. military officials have rescinded their order. American troops are now welcome to take the tube:
Lieutenant Gloria Smith, based at RAF Mildenhall, said: "It's just a prudent measure, it's normal procedure any time there's such an incident.

"Our presence in Great Britain is our voice of saying we stand with the British people. We have a long historic relationship and we will stay here to stand by the British people."
Eagle-eyed Brits with binoculars can confirm that we were gallantly standing by their side all along -- just the other side of the M25 motorway.

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