Sunday, July 10, 2005

White Punks on Tubes 

Via Zemblan patriot K.Z.: Be on the lookout for a bunch of white guys who like money:
Police and intelligence agents areinvestigating the theory that a gang of white "mercenary terrorists" was hired by al-Qa'ida to carry out last week's devastating attacks on London.

The Independent on Sunday can reveal today that investigations into the bombings of three Tube trains and a bus, which left at least 49 people dead, are focusing on the possibility that criminal gangs were paid to mount the worst atrocities in British history.

Last night, amid fears of further attacks, police evacuated the centre of Birmingham after receiving intelligence of a threat. A spokesman estimated up to 30,000 people were being cleared from the Broad Street area, packed with clubs, bars and restaurants.

Among new revelations about the highly sophisticated nature of Thursday's attacks, intelligence officials disclosed that they were examining the prospect that so-called "clean skins" - who could have been Muslims from the Balkans with no previous links to terror groups - were recruited to evade heightened security in the capital.

The theory was given credence by the fact that the security services had no advance warnings, suggesting that the bombers were not known extremists. Police and intelligence agencies admitted yesterday they were caught off guard.

The Metropolitan Police's investigation team is analysing hours of CCTV footage from around the targeted train stations and from the bus wreck, as well as checking lock-ups and garages for any clues that may lead them to the bombers. There is growing fear that the cells involved could be about to carry out further attacks. There was also alarm at the sophisticated nature of the explosives.
In addition to the Secret Organisation of the al-Qa'ida Jihad in Europe, authors of the Thursday internet post that Juan Cole analyzes here, two other groups have stepped forward to claim responsibility for the bombings: the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigade, which has a history of demanding credit for every atrocity that comes down the pike, and the "little-known" Organisation of al-Qa'ida - Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula, which is apparently threatening to attack Rome next. Meanwhile, British authorities are examining used tickets and scanning footage from an estimated 2,000 surveillance cameras mounted on buses and in tube stations. Alas, there has already been one unfortunate glitch:
[T]he investigation received a serious setback when it was discovered the CCTV cameras on the bus that blew up were not working so detectives will not get vital images of the bomber.

One senior Yard source said: "It's a big blow and a disappointment. If the cameras had been running we would have had pin-sharp close-up pictures of the person who carried out this atrocity."

"We don't know if the driver forgot to switch them on or if there was a technical problem but there are no images."

The bus had four cameras - one covering people getting on, the second at the exit doors and one on each deck scanning the length of the vehicle.
So, to summarize: 1) British investigators now suspect a group of white men. 2) The surveillance cameras on the exploded bus had been accidentally disabled beforehand. 3) Until Thursday, support for the war in Iraq was plummeting on both sides of the Atlantic. Not that #3 has anything to do with #1 and #2; we just thought we'd mention it.

UPDATE: This just in, from Zemblan patriot J.M.:
Downing Street has rejected a call by Michael Howard yesterday for a full inquiry into possible security failures before the London bombings.

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