Sunday, August 07, 2005

And What Makes Her So Goddamned Special? 

Courtesy of Zemblan patriots J.D. and K.Z.: Cindy Sheehan, founder of Gold Star Families for Peace, has camped out near the President's Crawford, TX, vacation retreat in hopes that he will tell her why her son died in Iraq:
The angry mother of a fallen U.S. soldier staged a protest near President Bush's ranch, demanding an accounting from Bush of how he has conducted the war in Iraq.
Supported by more than 50 demonstrators who chanted, “W. killed her son!” Cindy Sheehan told reporters: “I want to ask the president, 'Why did you kill my son? What did my son die for?”'

Sheehan, 48, didn't get to see Bush, but did talk about 45 minutes with national security adviser Steve Hadley and deputy White House chief of staff Joe Hagin, who went out to hear her concerns.

Appreciative of their attention, yet undaunted, Sheehan said she planned to continue her roadside vigil, except for a few breaks, until she gets to talk to Bush. Her son, Casey, 24, was killed in Sadr City, Iraq, on April 4, 2004. He was an Army specialist, a Humvee mechanic.

“They (the advisers) said we are in Iraq because they believed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, that the world's a better place with Saddam gone and that we're making the world a safer place with what we're doing over there,” Sheehan said in a telephone interview after the meeting.

“They were very respectful. They were nice men. I told them Iraq was not a threat to the United States and that now people are dead for nothing. I told them I wouldn't leave until I talked to George Bush.”

She said Hagin told her, “I want to assure you that he (Bush) really does care.”

“And I said if he does care, why doesn't he come out and talk to me?”
We would like to remind Little Miss Cindy Damn Sheehan that the world does not revolve around her individual bellybutton. The fact is, our President, our Commander-in-Chief in the Still-a-Global-War-on-Terror, has just begun his annual five-week vacation. Last week alone sixteen marines from Lima Company, an Ohio-based reserve unit, were killed near Haditha, but did you see the President dropping his trusty branding iron or his electric cattle prod or whatever the hell he uses to keep the horses at bay and traipsing off to Ohio to honor their sacrifice? Comfort their families? Attend their funerals? No. There was brush to clear. What makes Casey Sheehan one iota more important than those fourteen brave young men?

Think back, Cindy Sheehan! A mere four summers ago, five short weeks before 9/11, the President received a briefing paper entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike Within U.S.," and even that was not enough to drag his ass off the porch swing in Crawford. That fact alone should give you some idea of the importance to our nation of Mr. Bush's traditional five-week August vacation. Do you really imagine that one woman's petty personal problems are more important than the looming threat of Osama bin Laden?

Apart from which, the President is a coward and a sociopath, and you knew that before you showed up on his south forty. So don't act like you didn't.

UPDATE: The weekly Lone Star Iconoclast, which bills itself as President Bush's hometown paper, has been liveblogging Ms. Sheehan's vigil.

"In the name of 1,828 soldiers that should be alive, I'm going to see the president," said Cindy Sheehan, co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace (center, left). "He killed my son." An hour of so later, two of Bush's aides met with her for 45 minutes; however, Sheehan vowed to stay in Crawford Saturday until she met face-to-face with the president. (Photo by Nathan Diebenow of the Lone Star Iconoclast. May be reproduced with attribution.)

UPDATE II (via our distinguished colleague Susie Madrak of Suburban Guerrilla): Ms. Sheehan has told David Swanson, a Daily Kos diarist, that if her vigil persists through Thursday she will be arrested as a threat to national security. "Coincidentally, Thursday is the day that Rice and Rumsfeld visit the ranch, and Friday is a fundraiser event for the haves and the have mores. Cindy said that she and others plan to be arrested."

UPDATE III: We are reliably informed that an internet personality whose name we are not at liberty to reveal (it rhymes with "Prat Fudge") has cherry-picked a few sentences from a year-old Vacaville Reporter story about Ms. Sheehan's first encounter with the President and run them under the headline "Protesting Soldier Mom Changed Story on Bush." You may read the original article here and a followup on the Matt Drudge brouhaha (oh Christ! It just slipped out) here. Last month we linked to Ms. Sheehan's own account of her brush with greatness, which you will find here.

UPDATE IV: Our esteemed colleague Medbh of Medbh Sings informs us in comments below that CodePink co-founder Diane Wilson has gone on a hunger strike in support of Cindy Sheehan's Crawford vigil. More details here.

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