Friday, August 12, 2005

The Aviator 

Courtesy of Zemblan patriots K.Z. and J.D.: That Cindy Sheehan must be one scary broad:
"She feels strongly about her position and she has every right in the world to say what she believes," Mr. Bush told a news conference. "And I thought long and hard about her position. I've heard her position from others, which is: Get out of Iraq now. And it would be a mistake for the security of this country and the ability to lay the foundations for peace in the long run if we were to do so."

Mr. Bush said he grieves for every death in Iraq. "It breaks my heart to think about a family weeping over the loss of a loved one. I understand the anguish that some feel about the death that takes place."

Yet there was no sign Mr. Bush intends to meet Ms. Sheehan. In fact, there were reports he is travelling solely by helicopter when he leaves the ranch in an effort to avoid racing past the protester in a limousine.
You cannot appreciate the full extent of Ms. Sheehan's scariness until you understand that Mr. Bush takes his life in his hands every time he steps aboard the Presidential helicopter. As it turns out, the daredevil crew of Marine One is in the unfortunate habit of playing chicken with commercial aircraft:
Two sources have confirmed there was a close call at O'Hare Airport involving President Bush and his helicopter flight party when they when they took off from O'Hare for Montgomery, Illinois earlier this week . . . .

Aircraft in the president's party are choreographed to fly under very strict rules. Wednesday morning his helicopters were all instructed to fly north of an active landing runway at O'Hare until further clearance.

But the two lead helicopters, believed to be carrying members of the press corps and presidential staff, elected to fly almost directly down the center line of that active runway.

An American Airlines MD-80 with passengers was approaching that runway in the opposite direction to land.

That's when the airline pilots saw the two helicopters at low altitude heading right toward them.

The MD-80 aborted the landing, making an abrupt left, climbing turn. The lead helicopter also turned left, avoiding a possible collision.
The Marine One flight plan sounds as though it might have been put together by the same crack team that mapped out the invasion of Iraq. This time, luckily, disaster was averted.

In the meantime, we urge Ms. Sheehan and those who have joined her in her Crawford vigil to be on the lookout for mysterious crop dusters.

UPDATE (via our esteemed colleague Doug Krile): Post of the day (and we don't even have to see whatever's in second place) is "What Fox News Channel Would Have Done to Rosa Parks," by Cenk Uygur at the Huffington Post:
O’Reilly: “Rosa Parks claims she speaks for all of the African-Americans in the South, but in fact, we have found two African-Americans who say they disagree with her. They say she’s just trying to gain publicity and doesn’t speak for anyone in her race. They would know, they’re black.”

Limbaugh: “What did I tell you folks? These libs like Parks would rather live in France where they can sit anywhere they want on the bus. They hate America. They want special privileges to be able to sit anywhere they want. They hide behind the color of their skin to try to undermine this country.”

Coulter: “Rosa Parks is a dyke!”

Blitzer: “Dr. King, is it true that you support the liberal agitator Rosa Parks in her defiance of America? Can you confirm whether she has in fact sat in the back of the bus before? Do you think this makes her a flip-flopper? If she has been so inconsistent on this, how can we trust her on anything?”

Drudge: “MY SOURCES TELL ME THAT THIS MIGHT BE THE FIRST TIME ROSA PARKS HAS EVER SAT IN THE FRONT OF THE BUS. A whole life of sitting in the back of the bus and now this woman claims all of a sudden she wants to sit in the front of the bus. Developing …”

Erick A.: "[A] left wing media whore in the form of a grieving mother . . . The remarkably humorous bit of all of this is that while Mrs. Sheehan is using the body of a dead solider to get her fifteen minutes of fame, Mrs. Sheehan is letting that body be used by Michael Moore, Code Pink, the DNC, and the media to extend their fifteen minutes of fame."
Whoops! Our mistake -- that last bit above is no pastiche by Mr. Uygur, but a genuine quote gong-farmed from the cesspit that is RedState.org by our dauntless colleague Steve Gilliard.

UPDATE II: The lure of cash is even greater than the fear of Cindy:
President Bush today passed within 100 feet of the roadside encampment where the mother of an Iraq war casualty was inviting him to stop and talk, but his motorcade passed by the protest site without making contact . . . .

On their way to a Republican fund-raising event at a neighbor's ranch about three miles away, the Bushes passed directly by Camp Casey, the tent camp named after Sheehan's son, a 24-year-old Army mechanic who was killed in action in Iraq.

As the president and first lady drove by shortly after 11 a.m. in a black Suburban sports-utility vehicle with dark tinted windows, Sheehan held up a sign asking, "Why do you make time for donors and not for me?"

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