Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cops on Film 

As you know if you've been reading our distinguished colleague Mark at Recidivist Journals, the recent claim by London's Metropolitan Police -- i.e., that the surveillance cameras at Stockwell station were not working on the day when Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes was shot repeatedly in the head -- was a load of horseshit. In fact, as internal documents and surveillance photos leaked to ITV demonstrate, the Met cops have consistently lied through their teeth about every single aspect of the Menezes debacle:
The Brazilian electrician mistakenly killed by police in the aftermath of the second London bombings was being restrained by an officer before he was shot eight times as he was sitting on a Tube train, it emerged tonight.

Witness statements and photographs from an independent police investigation leaked to ITV News also show that Jean Charles de Menezes did not run away from police at Stockwell Tube station in South London and was wearing only a denim jacket before he was shot dead on July 22.

The evidence contradicts claims from the Metropolitan Police at the time that the Brazilian’s "clothing and his behaviour at the station added to their [officers’] suspicions", that he vaulted the ticket barrier and was wearing a heavy overcoat, which could have concealed a bomb.

It also emerged that one of the undercover team keeping Senhor de Menezes’s home under surveillance was relieving himself instead of filming the operation, so officers could not tell if they had tracked down one of the alleged bombers.

His advice was "it would be worth someone else having a look" to ensure they had the right man. No other officer apparently did take a picture of him even though he had to take a bus journey to the station.

Even so, Gold Command at the Yard which was running this operation, declared a "code red" and handed responsibility to CO19 - the firearms team. The armed team had been given photographs of the alleged bombers, yet no one realised that Senhor de Menezes bore no resemblance to any of those men.
Click here for the Recidivist roundup of British press coverage. Even the right-wing rags are now conceding that the shoot-to-kill policy amounts to "an appalling failure."

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