Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dead Men Tell No Tales 

Our eminent colleague Chris Floyd has been wondering how the U.S. could permit Saddam Hussein to go on trial for his crimes, knowing that the former dictator would certainly seize the opportunity to trumpet the intimate details of his cozy relationship with Messrs. Reagan, Bush, Rumsfeld, et al -- the fellows who, in happier times, sold him the makings for biological weapons, provided materiel and logistical support when he was gassing his own people, etc. Here's an elegant answer:
Saddam Hussein could be tried and executed over a relatively minor and isolated case, before evidence on the full extent of his regime's crimes can be brought to the courtroom, according to a source close to the special court trying the former Iraqi leader.

“Theoretically, that could happen...One would not expect things to drag out bureaucratically,” the source said, when asked whether Saddam could be convicted and executed rapidly on charges he faces for atrocities against the Shia residents of one town in the early 1980s.
Shiite clerics are calling for a swift trial and a speedy execution. Kurdish leaders, however, "believe that a lengthy televised trial of Mr Hussein would allow the rest of the country to understand what the Kurds went through under the former regime, one of the underpinnings of their demands for autonomy."

The Kurds always get screwed.

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