Thursday, September 08, 2005

Laugh or Go Mad 

While scoring the Chris Floyd-Billmon cage match below, our dyspeptic colleague Arvin Hill launched into a tirade of the sort he seldom posts at his own site nowadays, because he claims to be at work on a %#@?$!*&# novel:
I don't give a stadium full o'steaming shit how low Bush polls today, tomorrow or by fucking Christmas.

Fact is, there is zero Democratic leadership (unless lip synching righteous indignation counts as leadership), and nothing of any importance will change until the current crop of appeasors and co-conspirators are expunged from the Democratic Party by voters. A party that will not oppose can't be expected to lead. Leopards don't change their spots, nor do ineffectual Democrats who share a greater bond with their adversaries than their constituents.

I am ill from reading idiotic commentary such as "BUSH IS TOAST!!!" throughout the Left Blogosphere. To be toast, someone has to put him in a toaster. Who could that be? Congressional Democrats? Yesterday's semi-reformed corporate news media -- the one already reorienting itself to its comfortable 21st Century role as guardian of the elite? THE PEOPLE? Don't make me laugh . . . .

The only thing that matters to the political establishment is that one quarter to one third of American voters unapologetically subscribe to an overt fascist ideology. And they are controlling everything because Democrats and liberals have ceded control. To Fascist America, what happened to the people of New Orleans is a blessing from their fucked up God.
We reproduce Mr. Hill's comments here because they came to mind just now when we received, courtesy of Zemblan patriot B.H., a tidbit from the new Zogby poll -- and found ourselves laughing, loudly, uncontrollably, and with very little mirth, much in the manner of Messrs. Huston and Holt at the end of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre:
In a sign of just how severe the damage to the President’s standing caused by Katrina is, the Zogby America survey finds that, despite his re-election last fall, President Bush would lose to every modern president since [and including -- S.] Jimmy Carter, the one-term Democrat who left office amid record unpopularity and a presidency rated, at the time, dismally. He would also lose to his own father, who left office amid an economic recession triggered, in part, by a devastating hurricane.

However, in one of the few bright spots for the President, he would still beat Massachusetts Democrat John Kerry, by a narrow, one-point margin.
For the record, Mr. Bush's current numbers on . . .
  • Hurricane Katrina: 12% Excellent / 24% Good / 17% Fair / 43% Poor
  • War in Iraq: 14% Excellent / 26% Good / 14% Fair / 45% Poor
  • Jobs/Economy: 12% Excellent / 26% Good / 25% Fair / 36% Poor
  • Social Security/Medicare: 8% Excellent / 23% Good / 28% Fair / 39% Poor
  • Gasoline Prices: 7% Excellent / 14% Good / 26% Fair / 47% Poor
  • War on Terror: 25% Excellent / 27% Good / 18% Fair / 29% Poor
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