Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pray, Damn You, Pray 

The Bush Administration has been doing its damnedest to shift blame for the gruesomely inadequate federal response to Hurricane Katrina from FEMA and DHS to state and local authorities, but those efforts, alas, have yet to gain much traction with the public or the press. Luckily, however, Karl "Semper Paratis" Rove has already targeted another group of potential scapegoats should the need arise, and our esteemed colleagues at Agitprop have just posted his rough notes for the smear campaign:
The young members of the Presidential Prayer Team for Kids should be charged with dereliction of duty for inadequately praying for both Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff and FEMA chief Michael Brown. On June 10, 2005 they were given clear orders to pray for Michael Brown. Twenty days later, on July 1, they were given specific instructions to pray for Michael Chertoff. Therefore, PPT Kids members had three full months to pray for these leaders before Hurricane Katrina struck on August 28.

1.) Democrats regain power of subpoena in 2006.

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