Friday, September 02, 2005

Son of Shinseki 

Same old same old: Josh Marshall on Mike Parker, the former head of the Army Corps of Engineers, who was forced out of the job in 2002 after he criticized an administration plan to slash funds for -- do we have to say it? -- flood control projects.

Marshall also has good stuff on the gutting of FEMA (here, here, and here) and a frankly unsettling question from a reader:

I have a question that no one has raised so far. Wouldn’t part of any homeland security preparation be the handling of refugees? Virtually any serious terrorist attack (explosion, nuclear, biological) would entail a large number of displaced persons. Wasn’t anything done along these lines? I would have thought we would have pre-positioned refugee resources (tents, MRE's, water purification, generators, emergency medical care) near major population centers in the event of mass exodus. Am I crazy?


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