Friday, October 21, 2005

Brass Cabals 

Since it is well and truly an Article That Everyone Else Has Linked to Already, we thought it incumbent upon us to have an opinion on the Financial Times piece in which Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, delivers the shocking news that a cabal led by Dick Cheney has hijacked America's foreign-policy apparatus. When we finally got around to reading it, we discovered that -- apart from a downright bizarre interlude in which he describes George H.W. Bush as "one of the finest Presidents we’ve ever had," and praises him for exercising "one of the greatest adeptnesses at foreign policy I’ve ever seen" (Ouch! Ouch! Our ears!) -- Col. Wilkerson is peddling more or less the same old shit Yr. Mst. Hmbl. Mnrch. has been serving up every day for the last couple of years.

You may read the full transcript of Col. Wilkerson's remarks here (be forewarned: the FT's shockingly incompetent copy editors misspell Henry Stimson's name, and Joe Biden's, and Zbigniew Brzezinski's; they have apparently never heard of Douglas Feith or General Leslie Groves). Alternatively, you may visit the imperial archives, select a couple of old posts at random, and read them while pretending they were written by someone credible. Your call.

UPDATE: In an article about the Cheney cabal and the AIPAC espionage scandal, Justin Raimondo of AntiWar.com floats the wild hypothesis that Valerie Plame might have been outed by Larry Franklin and Naor Gilon.

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