Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Few Bad Apples . . . 

. . . hijacked your country when you weren't looking.

And nowadays they don't even bother to blame their depredations on underlings, flunkies and small fry, because they don't have to. Let's face it: Who gives a rat's ass?

(Thanks to Zemblan patriots J.D. and K.Z., and our distinguished colleague Arthur Silber of Once Upon a Time, for the links.)

UPDATE (via Zemblan patriot J.M.): An editorial from tomorrow's Washington Post:
The vice president has been a prime mover behind the Bush administration's decision to violate the Geneva Conventions and the U.N. Convention Against Torture and to break with decades of past practice by the U.S. military. These decisions at the top have led to hundreds of documented cases of abuse, torture and homicide in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Cheney's counsel, David S. Addington, was reportedly one of the principal authors of a legal memo justifying the torture of suspects. This summer Mr. Cheney told several Republican senators that President Bush would veto the annual defense spending bill if it contained language prohibiting the use of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by any U.S. personnel.

The senators ignored Mr. Cheney's threats, and the amendment, sponsored by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), passed this month by a vote of 90 to 9. So now Mr. Cheney is trying to persuade members of a House-Senate conference committee to adopt language that would not just nullify the McCain amendment but would formally adopt cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment as a legal instrument of U.S. policy. The Senate's earlier vote suggests that it will not allow such a betrayal of American values. As for Mr. Cheney: He will be remembered as the vice president who campaigned for torture.
Or perhaps he'll be remembered as the reincarnation of Spiro T. Agnew. We'll know better in the next couple of days, won't we?

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