Sunday, October 30, 2005

Many Happy Returns 

We're frankly sick of waiting for our Webvan stock to bounce back, so you can imagine our excitement when we read about a surefire investment that pays 292 bucks on the dollar (and you don't even have to drive out to the racetrack). If you don't know your quids from your quos, your tits from your tats, consult this handy guide from one of the last remaining bastions of old-school investigative journalism, the Toledo Blade:
The Ohio business leaders and lobbyists who steered at least $4.1 million to President Bush's re-election campaign last year collected more than $1.2 billion in taxpayer dollars for their companies and clients, a Blade investigation shows.

The fund-raisers who helped deliver the battleground state - and ultimately the 2004 presidential election - also received choice appointments from state and federal officials. The posts included an ambassadorship to Germany and a seat on the Ohio State University board of trustees.

Others made millions from unbid contracts varying from supplying ball bearings to the military or office furniture for federal agencies . . . .

The fund-raisers included Tom Noe, a former Toledo-area rare-coin dealer who is facing multiple investigations into the state's failed $50 million investment in rare-coin funds. He was indicted Thursday on three felony charges that he laundered money into the President's re-election campaign.

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