Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Seven Bastions of Idiocy 

Via our esteemed colleague Tom at Corrente: According to Survey USA, President Ananias von Munchausen has somehow managed to maintain a positive approval rating in seven states, despite his demonstrable contempt for the Ninth Commandment.

Based on these poll numbers, if the presidential election were held today, the incumbent could be expected to carry Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and (in a squeaker) North Dakota. That would give him a total of 30 electoral votes, only 239 shy of the 269 needed to win.

Mississippi and Montana are both evenly divided between supporters and detractors. If both states went Mr. Bush's way, it would boost his electoral tally by nine.

Twelve states that Mr. Bush carried in 2004, in which his negative net rating -- approval minus disapproval -- exceeds ten percentage points: Kansas, Texas, West Virginia, Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, New Mexico.

Five states that Mr. Bush carried in 2004 in which his negative net rating is twenty percentage points or more: Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio.

States that went for John Kerry in 2004 in which Mr. Bush now enjoys a postive net rating: okay, we're yanking your crank on that one.

As a noted pundit (we believe it was Yosemite Sam) once said, Elect in haste, repent at leisure.

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