Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thar She Blows 

Via Zemblan patriot K.Z.: Veteran UPI intelligence correspondent Richard Sale has told Patrick Lang of the Booman Tribune that, contrary to some reports, indictments in the Plame case will be announced today (Wednesday), with a full press conference to follow tomorrow.

Sale earlier revealed that Libby and Rove are among those expected to be indicted (and there could be others; the bill of indictment reportedly named five people). But you'd probably guessed that already. The blockbuster news is this:
The probe is far from being at an end. According to this reporter's sources, Fitzgerald approached the judge in charge of the case and asked that a new grand jury be empaneled. The old grand jury, which has been sitting for two years, will expire on October 28.

Thanks to a letter of February, 2004 in which Fitzgerald asked for and obtained expanded authority, the Special Prosecutor is now in possession of an Italian parliament nvestigation into the forged Niger documents alleging Iraq's interest in purchasing Niger uranium, sources said.

They said that Fitzgerald is looking into such individuals as former CIA agent, Duane Claridge, military consultant to the Iraqi National Congress, Gen. Wayne Downing, another military consultant for INC, and Francis Brooke, head of INC's Washingfton office in an effort to determine if they played any role in the forgeriese or their dissiemination. Also included in this group is long-time neoconservative Michael Ledeen, these federal sources said.
UPDATE: No indictments announced as of 4:38 PST. A source in Fitzgerald's office told our eminent colleagues at Crooks & Liars not to expect any newsworthy developments tonight. Elsewhere, Lawrence O'Donnell of the Huffington Post picks up on the same rumors Richard Sale has been hearing:
Experienced federal prosecutors are saying today that they expect Fitzgerald to extend the term of the grand jury even if he obtains indictments this week.

Prosecutors sometimes go back to grand juries a few weeks after indictments to ask them to supercede those idictments with additional counts. This happens when the original indictments put pressure on witnesses to give up more information or when defendents decide to turn on each other and give the prosecutor more information during plea bargaining.
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