Sunday, November 06, 2005

But Whosoever Shall Smite Thee on the Right Cheek, Let Him Have It with Both Barrels 

No meddlesome priests 'round here, boss:
THE Church of England has endorsed the shoot-to-kill policy being operated by the Metropolitan police against suspected suicide bombers . . . .

Until now, the Church of England has made little contribution to the public debate sparked when Jean Charles de Menezes, an innocent Brazilian, was shot dead by officers in south London on July 22 . . . .

There is embarrassment at senior levels in the Church of England about the muted response to the killing. Saunders defended the silence by saying church leaders were fearful they may sound naive or inappropriate.

However, he claimed: “There was a very visible ecumenical presence at his memorial service”.
As you read the latest developments in the Menezes saga, keep in mind that almost every statement made by London's Metropolitan Police in the aftermath of the shooting has been subsequently exposed, in fairly short order, as a demonstrable lie:
THE police chief who headed the bungled operation that led to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes says that she never issued the special code word to kill him.

Senhor de Menezes, a Brazilian electrician, died as eight shots were pumped into him in a Northern Line carriage at Stockwell Underground station in South London on July 22 after unfounded suspicions that he was a suicide bomber . . . .

The Kratos rules require the police commander to issue a code word to the police teams telling them that they should take the ultimate sanction. Scotland Yard sources say that Commander Cressida Dick, 44, the Oxford graduate who was “gold command” of the operation, maintains that she never gave the seven-letter word.

Ms Dick has told colleagues she did tell the officers following Senhor de Menezes that they must “stop him getting on the Tube at all costs”, but nothing more. Police have admitted that there were difficulties keeping in contact with the police teams once they went underground at the station and the two marksmen from the CO19 unit believe that they were authorised to kill Senhor de Menezes.

Investigators from the Independent Police Complaints Commission have been unable to use the radio transmissions to the marksmen to discover exactly what was said because they were not recorded, unlike 999 calls, which are kept.

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