Monday, November 14, 2005

Monsters vs. Monsters 

Our erudite colleague Tim Lucas of Video Watchblog informs us that "Homecoming," the Joe Dante episode of Masters of Horror, has been warmly received at the Turin Film Festival. We are pleased to hear it, because the plot -- in which fictitious soldiers, killed in a fictitious Middle-East conflict, rise from the dead to confront a fictitious president, who sent them off to war based on a fictitious fictitious threat -- is likely to generate some controversy here in America.

We have recently watched a screening copy of this pleasing agitprop comedy, and we can assert with some confidence that you will not see a more aggressively Zemblan production this year or next. The episode premieres on Showtime three Fridays hence, December 2, at 10 PM EST/PST, with multiple showings throughout the weekend.

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