Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Two quotes, artfully juxtaposed by our stouthearted colleagues at Cursor:

"Frankly, it is probably part of my own fault for needling people, but it's a myth to think I don't know what's going on."
-- President Bush to Brian Williams of NBC, Monday, 12/12/05

"I'm confident the president knows who the source [of the Plame leak] is. I'd be amazed if he doesn't. So I say, 'Don't bug me. Don't bug Bob Woodward. Bug the president as to whether he should reveal who the source is.'
-- Bob Novak, speaking to members of the John Locke Foundation
at a luncheon in Raleigh, NC, Tuesday, 12/13/05

And just in case you thought Santa had forgotten about you, sources from Raw Story to the National Review are speculating that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will bring an indictment against Karl Rove before the end of the year.

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