Thursday, December 22, 2005

Don't Order It If You Don't Know Where It's Been 

Attend the tale of Linda Tripp:
Weihnachts Markt is a traditional German Christmas market plunked down along the Middleburg's main drag.

Middleburg [VA] resident Linda Tripp (yes, of
Clinton scandal fame) and her husband, German architect Dieter Rausch, are serving up bratwurst and other German delights to hungry, if not curious, passersby.

The couple opened their "magical" little house of treats three years ago. They took last holiday season off, much to the chagrin of many loyal patrons, and reopened for a second season this year.

"People love it," Tripp said, peeking out from under a wide-brimmed hat. "They come from far and wide."

She added that customers have traveled all the way from New York for a taste of their authentic German bratwurst, which comes directly from a German butcher.

True German bratwurst [photo, left] is much longer and skinnier than what people are used to here in the United States. The sausage hangs off both ends of the bun and it's never topped off with sauteed onions and peppers -- that's an American tradition.

Lederhosen-wearing Rausch, who moved here from Frankfurt, Germany four years ago, smothers his bratwurst in yellow mustard from a large ceramic canister.

Germans dip the bun in mustard and eat it on the side instead of as a sandwich, Tripp said.

She gobbles down "weisswurst" [photo, right] a white sausage typical of Munich that's boiled, not grilled.
Thanks to our steadfast colleague Gordon at Alternate Brain for the (ahem) link.

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