Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Last of Mrs. Cheney 

Courtesy of our venerated colleague Jonathan Schwarz at A Tiny Revolution: a caller to Diane Rehm's radio show posed the following question to guest Lynne Cheney:
I just want to clarify two issues. Number one, that her husband actually did receive five deferments from the draft. Personally as a Vietnam veteran who had to serve two terms, two tours over there, I'd just like to confirm that her husband got out of the draft. And secondly, I was just curious: how many of her personal relatives, how many relatives of hers are currently serving in Iraq right now?

Thank you, Diane.
We think Mrs. Cheney's answer won't surprise you!

When shells fall close and smoke is thick,
Real tough guys never run. They stick.
Or so says Five Deferments Dick.

No wavering--no he's a brick.
To cut and run would make him sick.
Or so says Five Deferments Dick.

Appeasers cannot take a lick,
But tough guys bite and gouge and kick.
Or so says Five Deferments Dick.

-- Calvin Trillin, "Cheney, Speaking from Experience"

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