Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Joe No Mo'? 

Kos on next August's Connecticut primary, in which Ned Lamont will challenge Joe Lieberman:
I plugged in to the gossip mill while in DC over the weekend, and this race has got everyone talking. The buzz is that Lieberman is freaking out, going so far as to demand that the Dem senate caucus help him eliminate this primary threat. However, those pleas don't appear to have been well received. He's on his own.

Take that with all the appropriate grains of salt and file away under "rumor" (even though the source is pretty darn good). But there's a reason that Lieberman has hinted he'd run as an independent in the general election if ousted in the primary. For him to even consider that possibility and vocalize it means it's on his mind. The grassroot groups in Connecticut are furious at Lieberman, and Lamont is the beneficiary.
Our revered colleague Avedon Carol elucidates further:
Lieberman is said to be threatening to run as an Independent, which presumably means he expects to get Republican money.
We think Mr. L. should get it over with and run as a Republican. That way he'd get the money, and he'd get to nuzzle the President's ass whenever he felt the urge -- which is frighteningly often.

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