Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pushed to the Fringe 

Fired FBI translator Sibel Edmonds attempted to blow the whistle on "elements of the intelligence agencies" that "intentionally blocked" evidence of pre-9/11 terrorist activities, and for her trouble was slapped with a series of gag orders by the Department of Justice. Since Ms. Edmonds is legally prohibited from telling what she knows, she has to drop hints; unfortunately, the mainstream press is not at all interested in picking them up. Last week she was interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show, an outlet even the most heavily-tinfoiled conspiracy theorists regard as a little bit dodgy:
Ms Edmonds went on to talk about the specifics of what elements of the Government are now doing and covering up.

Starting with the revelation that forces inside the Congress and the FBI confirmed that House Speaker Dennis Hastert was
illegally receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash bribes from foreign lobbying organizations in exchange for political favors.

She then went on to talk about former Attorney General John Ashcroft who in an unprecedented move officially gagged the Congress over her case in order to "protect certain diplomatic relations of the United States and to protect sensitive US-foreign business relations."
Ashcroft did not elaborate at all and many have come forward to suggest that the gagging order was wholly illegal.

Edmonds then made an analogy, as she often does when she cannot reveal specific facts. She suggested that there could be a so called "war on drugs" but it is an unwritten rule that you only go after the lower end drug dealers and leave alone the middle men and those at the top because the government can directly profit from their activity. This is how things were handled with terrorism in the lead up to 9/11.

"Intentionally, I and I want to underline this, intentionally they are not going after the middlemen and the people at the top. So to this day the American public have not heard who is the real culprit behind 9/11. There is money laundering, and certain narcotic and weapons procurements involved."

Ms Edmonds went on to reveal that the criminal elements are active within all three branches of Government. Plus there are those who are working outside government towards the same agenda. She suggests that we should look towards lobbying groups who are registering as agents of foreign governments, such as International Advisors Inc, the lobbying company set up by arch Neo-Con Richard Perle, which is registered with the State Department as
"agents of Turkey."

These groups, with weighty influences upon the foreign policy of the US Government, some, including Perle, Pentagon architects of the Iraq war, are operating with elements of the Government in a nexus like fashion, moving around vast amounts of money and arms and profiteering from directing world events.
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