Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tears of a Clown 

Various sources are reporting that Mrs. Samuel Alito broke into tears today because cruel Senate Democrats refused to believe her husband's risible claims of amnesia regarding his membership in Concerned Alumni of Princeton.

The Mrs. may buy his absent-minded professor act, but then she was thick enough to marry a member of a group that opposed the admission of women to Princeton. And even if she fell for his protestations of innocence, the nominee himself must have known that the details of his long, sordid history of racism and sexism would come to light during the hearings. If Samuel Alito possessed the merest shred of decency -- much less chivalry -- he would withdraw his name from consideration immediately, to spare his poor, naive, morbidly sensitive wife the prospect of further embarrassment.

Don't you agree?

UPDATE: We are reliably told that upon reading Sidney Blumenthal, Mrs. Alito came down with a terrible case of the vapors and had to be bodily restrained from flinging herself out of a ninth-story window:
In the Reagan justice department, he argued that the federal government had no responsibility for the "health, safety and welfare" of Americans (a view rejected by Reagan); that "the constitution does not protect the right to an abortion"; that the executive should be immune from liability for illegal domestic wiretapping; that illegal immigrants have no "fundamental rights"; that police had a right to kill an unarmed 15-year-old accused of stealing $10 (a view rejected by the supreme court and every police group that filed in the case); and that it should be legal to fire, and exclude from funded federal programmes, people with Aids, because of "fear of contagion ... reasonable or not".

Against the majority of his court and six other federal courts, he argued that federal regulation of machine guns was unconstitutional. He approved the strip search of a mother and her daughter although they were not named in a warrant, a decision denounced by fellow judge Michael Chertoff, now secretary of homeland security. And Alito backed a law requiring women to tell husbands if they want an abortion, which was overturned by the supreme court on the vote of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor,

On the supreme court, as O'Connor's replacement, he will codify the authoritarianism of the Bush presidency, even after it is gone.

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