Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gag Us with an NDA 

Courtesy of our venerated colleague Avedon Carol: Many states now require extensive security tests and "penetration analyses" of electronic voting systems. The problem? According to Black Box Voting, vendors such as Diebold have required examiners in California, Florida, Iowa, Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia to sign nondisclosure agreements which prevent them from revealing their findings to the public:
Black Box Voting has learned that vendors have been requiring nondisclosures to block release of information of critical importance to the public. Secretaries of state have failed to protect their voting system examiners, reportedly requiring administrative rules that prevent proper analysis and evaluation of voting systems by state examiners.

Black Box Voting has filed public records requests to obtain all nondisclosure agreements signed by Paul Craft, David Drury, David Jefferson, Steve Freeman, Doug Jones, Brit Williams, Merle King, and Michael Shamos.

We have already obtained one of the Diebold nondisclosure requirements. Diebold attempts to block everything that should be revealed -- even if the contractor is served with a subpoena or court order!

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