Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Second Quail 

Via Zemblan patriot K.Z.: For now we will have to categorize the item below, from Bob Cesca of HuffPo, as a Scurrilous Rumor. That said, it would certainly explain why Vice President Cheney, even though he was hunting live game, kept shouting, "Pull! PULL!"
Sirius radio's Alex Bennett just broke a rumor that the delay in reporting the news that Cheney shot an old man in the heart was due to an effort to hide or spin Cheney's female companion [Pamela Willeford, U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein].

The vice president's Secret Service detail had to decide what to do with Willeford by way of perhaps covering up her relationship with Cheney, and thus the delay in reporting the news.

The rumor goes that Lynn Cheney isn't happy with Cheney's close relationship with Willeford.
Was Harry Whittington the only member of Big Dick's party to receive a blast in the face that fateful day?

More on Dickaquiddick, from R. J. Eskow, here and here.

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