Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sharing Condi's Dream 

Courtesy of Zemblan patriot J.M.: We hope she takes the job. We love football, but we love our country more:
"IF THAT JOB COMES OPEN, I'M GONE." That's what Condoleezza Rice told Ebony magazine last November when she was asked about her oft-repeated desire to become commissioner of the National Football League. With Commissioner Paul Tagliabue's announcement Monday that he plans to step down in July, it may be time for President Bush to look for another secretary of State . . . .

Rice's office issued the obligatory not-interested-at-this-time statement Monday. But it's hard to see why she wouldn't accept the job if it were offered. After years of fronting for the abrasive Bush administration, Rice would instantly become a bipartisan diplomat and one of the nation's top executives, presiding over America's most popular sport. Thanks to Tagliabue's success, Rice would take over a healthy $6-billion enterprise that is fueled by almost $4 billion in TV revenue and enjoys harmonious labor relations.

And wouldn't it be more fun to tinker with the instant-replay rules than worry about nuclear nonproliferation?
The question is not which job would be "more fun." The question is which job we'd prefer to have Ms. Rice fuck up.

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