Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Now Playing at the Zemblan Multiplex 

Why, it seems like just a few days ago we were lamenting the fact that we hadn't caught up with Eugene Jarecki's acclaimed documentary Why We Fight, and now, dang! -- we can watch the whole show right here on our own dinky li'l website!

Why is that sumbitch sitting directly in front of us with a camcorder on his shoulder?

(A tip of the imperial diadem to our distinguished colleague Rich Kastelein of Empire Burlesque.)

UPDATE: Serious investors viewing the opening minutes of Why We Fight should be prepared to take President Eisenhower's Chicken-Little rant about the military-industrial complex with a sack of salt. Our steadfast colleague J. Versen of Hugo Zoom did the research our broker wouldn't, and if we'd had the common sense to invest in Halliburton, Boeing, UT, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin back in March of 2003, our portfolio would be doing quite, quite nicely right about now.

Or, as our scurrilous colleague J. Schwarz puts it over at A Tiny Revolution:
There's a part in the documentary Why We Fight in which someone—I think it's Karen Kwiatkowski—talks about war profiteering. I think what she says is right: it's not that these people launch wars in order to make money for Halliburton. But it is something that makes the cost-benefit ratio of wars significantly different for Dick Cheney than for normal humans. Lots of downside for regular people and little upside; little downside for Cheney and a giant-sack-full-of-cash upside.

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