Wednesday, April 19, 2006


From election watchdog Bob Fitrakis, via Zemblan patriot K.Z.:
After locking out all media observers and declaring a Level 10 Homeland Security Alert, the Republican-dominated Warren County, Ohio reported in the wee hours of the morning on November 3, 2004 -- and gave George W. Bush a surprising 14,000 vote boost. Two election workers told the Free Press that the ballots had been diverted to an unauthorized warehouse where they had been possibly stuffed. That is, punched for Bush only. Maps were supplied to the Free Press showing the locations of the warehouse and the Board of Elections . . . .

The Free Press predicted early on that the ballots would be found punched only for Bush in Warren County. The Moss v. Bush lawsuit pointed to Warren, Butler and Clermont Counties as the three counties that provided more than Bush's entire margin in the Buckeye State: Bush won Ohio by 118,000, and 132,000 votes were supplied in these three southwestern Republican counties.
How the scam works: in Ohio, the ballot positions of Democrats and Republicans are rotated from precinct to precinct. A voter who punches hole #8 is casting a vote for Kerry -- unless his punchcard ballot is somehow "diverted" to, and counted in, another precinct, where Bush's name appeared in position #8. Needless to say, the punch code at the bottom of each ballot does not identify the precinct in which it was supposedly cast.

A proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage was at the top of every ballot, and not subject to rotation. Would it shock you to learn that, in Ohio, a surprisingly large percentage of Bush voters also voted in favor of gay marriage?

You will find photographs of suspect ballots here, with extensive commentary by Richard Hayes Phillips here.

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