Friday, May 05, 2006

Make That Former Director of C.I.A. 

9.) Caught In Act.

We are sure that you will want to join the President in thanking Mr. Goss for his many years of service, and of being serviced.

UPDATE: At TPM Cafe former spook Larry Johnson says that, according to his sources, Goss most likely did not make use of Brent Wilkes's highly-available skettles; however, one of his top staffers did. In addition, the Wall St. Journal is now reporting that Dusty Foggio, #3 man at the CIA under Goss, faces "federal criminal investigation in connection with awarding agency contracts."

UPDATE II (via Zemblan patriot J.M.): What Porter Goss was doing on, before, and after 9/11.

UPDATE III: There's quite a bit of lively speculation in the comments section at Political Animal, where our eminent colleague K. Drum has handily debunked the official cover story of a "long-simmering turf war" between Messrs. Goss and Negroponte. From commenter Dave:
The bush administration is creeping closer and closer to a major meltdown as more high ranking CIA officials decided that Bush must go. Goss was supposed to be the plumber who stop the leaks but as Nixon learned it the hard way : Don't fuck with the spooks.

I am waiting the final blow anyday now. What could it be ? a smoking gun tape of Bush and Cheney discussing how to lie about Iraq?
(Naah, we doubt it; after all, they released a smoking-gun transcript of Bush and Blair discussing how to lie about Iraq, and it barely made a ripple.)

And, from commenter JMG:
We have reached the reductio ad absurdum of the Bush administration. The director of the CIA suddenly resigns and "total loss of influence" that is, failure, is the cover story.

For true insiders, it's also leaked that the failure was due to the director's incompetence.

Think about it. Failure and incompetence have become the COVER STORIES when a Bushie is relieved of duty. The administration confesses the nation had a nitwit at the helm of the CIA for 20 months and the reaction of the press and the Republicans is, "thank God it wasn't something serious."

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