Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ministry of Truth 

Via our beloved colleague A. Carol: Was the 2004 election stolen? OpEdNews commissioned a Zogby poll to find out, and chances are that anyone who does not claim Fox TV as his or her primary source of news says yes:

Overall, the poll found that 39% said that the 2004 election was stolen. 54% said it was legitimate. Shortly after the election, the NY Times suggested that a few fringe extremists and bloggers were concerned about the theft of the election.

But let's look at the demographics on this question. Of the people who watch Fox news as their primary sourc of TV news, one half of one percent believe it was stolen and 99% believe it was legitimate. Among people who watched ANY other news source but FOX, more felt the election was stolen than legitimate. The numbers varied dramatically:

Here are the stats by network listed as first choice by respondent and whether the respondent thought the election was stolen or legitimate.

Network Stolen Legitimate
ABC 56% 32%
CBS 64% 31%
CNN 70% 24%
FOX .5% 99%
MSNBC 65% 24%
NBC 49% 43%
Other 56% 28%

Of course, the results above could be attributed to 20-20 hindsight, now that Mr. Bush's approval ratings are down to 29%.

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