Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Entertainment Event of the Fortnight (After Pirates of the Caribbean II) 

What ho! If you happen to be one of the well over six billion people who do not subscribe to the premium channel Showtime, you will certainly be delighted to learn that "Homecoming," the Joe Dante episode of Masters of Horror, has just been released on DVD, and may be purchased at better music-and-video emporia across the land for a street price of roughly thirteen dollars. As is traditional, the disc contains various extras, including a profile of the director, who was gracious enough to grant Yr. Mst. Bnvlnt. Dspt. an audience last winter; interviews with the cast; and the complete text of Dale Bailey's "Death and Suffrage," the short story upon which the episode is based.

The plot of "Homecoming," as longtime Zemblans are no doubt aware, has to do with American soldiers slain in an unspecified foreign conflict who rise from the dead to express their displeasure with the policies that got them killed. Despite what the Greeks might tell you, it is a comedy, albeit a nasty one. If our heartiest recommendation is not enough to send you sprinting off to the nearest video store (or, in the case of our more sedentary readers, clicking over to Amazon), you will find a second opinion here, a third here, a fourth here, and a fifth here.

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