Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We Peered into His Soul, and We Grooved on It 

Via our distinguished colleagues the Fixer, of Alternate Brain, and Shakespeare's Sister, of Shakespeare's Sister: Pooty-poot, you pooty-pooter you!!
A British television station says it has identified the person responsible for that open microphone catching a little unvarnished President Bush at the closing G-8 summit lunch in St. Petersburg. The culprit? Shockingly enough, they finger Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This was the luncheon where Bush, chomping on a piece of bread, issued an expletive, babbled about long flights, bashed U.N. chief Kofi Annan and repeatedly interrupted his little buddy, British prime minister Tony Blair .

The footage on Britain's Channel 4 shows Blair finally spotting and turning off the "telltale red light," and then the film cuts to Putin, grinning about something. A British reporter asked a Putin spokesman about this, but the spokesman insisted the broadcast was "an accident."

Accidental tapings of private conversations happen a lot in some countries.
From the same Al Kamen column:
"Evacuation" apparently is a dirty word at the State Department. We're told that during deliberations at Foggy Bottom about getting Americans out of Lebanon, it was decided that "evacuation" was too negative -- and of course it erroneously implied the notion of ferrying people in a dangerous place to safety.

So it was decided that the language issued by the State Department should not use this word. "Departure assistance" and "safe passage" are preferred. There are also those "people assisted out of Lebanon" or "departees."

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