Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh No, Br'er Chernin, PLEASE Don't Throw Us in That Briar Patch 

From the bible of show biz (which is, we regret to inform you, one of those inconvenient subscription-only bibles), courtesy of Zemblan patriot M.F.:
Speaking to investors as News Corp. announced the $190 million acquisition of ringtone sales company Jamba, Peter Chernin said the conglom has no intention of slowing its frenetic Internet shopping spree.

He also threatened, for the first time publicly, to pull the Fox News Channel from cable systems if the net doesn't get the rate increases it's seeking in what he expects to be "really tough, tough, tough negotiations" in coming months.

"You're likely to see nothing signed until midnight of the night before the deals expire, and you may see us pull the channel," he said Tuesday at the Merrill Lynch Media & Entertainment conference.

Fox gets monthly fees of 25¢ per sub and wants to boost that to $1.

Asked about the net's perceived conservative bias, he defended it staunchly. "I think it's pretty well known that I'm a Democrat," he said. "The truth is this is a big company, and we have a lot of different voices and points of view."
It's pretty well known that we're Democrats, too, and we believe that if Mr. Chernin really wants to show his partisan bona fides he should go in asking cable operators for five bucks a head minimum. If they balk? -- up it to ten. Prestige, not penetration! A year from now, Fox could be the Manolo Blahnik of cable news: the channel that everyone would watch, if only they had the disposable income.

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