Thursday, January 25, 2007

And Stars Fell on Obama That Night 

Via Zemblan patriot J.M.: Tough luck for Hillary, but she must have known that in Hollywood, it's all about B.O.:
Movie moguls Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg want their Hollywood peers to join them at a Feb. 20 fundraiser the three are throwing for [Presidential candidate Barack] Obama . . . .

The fundraiser represents a major slap for Obama's main competitor, Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has received financial support from all three moguls in the past. Spielberg, Geffen and Katzenberg, along with other employees of their entertainment company, Dreamworks SKG, have contributed $47,000 to Clinton since her 2000 New York Senate campaign.

Spielberg alone has contributed $11,000 to Clinton since that campaign, and his political consultant, Andy Spahn, emphasized that Spielberg and Geffen have not yet officially endorsed Obama. "Mr. Katzenberg is endorsing Sen. Obama's candidacy," he said. "Mr. Spielberg is co-hosting the event but has not made any endorsements as of yet."

Spahn added that Spielberg "expects to be helpful to a few candidates during this exploratory phase," and may host fundraisers for Clinton and John Edwards as well. "Spielberg likes John Edwards and has a relationship with him — those are the two who he also likes."

Since the invitation went out just this morning, it was not clear who had R.S.V.P.'d for the event. But it is likely that those celebrities who've expressed support for Obama's candidacy — including George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Oprah Winfrey, Oliver Stone and superagent Ari Emanuel — will be at the Beverly Hilton on Feb. 20.
We hate to tell Messrs. Spielberg, Geffen, and Katzenberg, but they should not expect to see George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Oliver Stone at their little shindig. Feb. 20 just happens to be our regular bowling night.

Sen. Barack Obama (right) to Sen. Hillary Clinton (left): "What does it matter who's on the top half of the ticket? As long as we stay out of the same room, we're BOTH assassination-proof." (Photo ©2007 NYT, courtesy of our BARBARian colleague Swopa at Needlenose.)

UPDATE (also via Zemblan patriot J.M.):

If it's any consolation, Sen. Clinton has picked up the all-important Liz Taylor endorsement.

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