Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rants Worth Reading 

1.) From our august colleague Phil Nugent, "Nobody Home": "What's been clear for a while now, and just keeps getting clearer and clearer, with new revelations such as those about the workings of the Justice Department and new developments such as the Democrats' caving on the war funding bill, is that we are now, finally, living the dream."

2.) From our rumbustious colleague Matt Taibbi, "Giuliani: Worse Than Bush": "It was a strange and bitter comment to make, especially right on the heels of his grand-slam performance in the previous night's debate. If this is a guy who chews over a perceived slight in the middle of a victory lap, what's he going to be like with his finger on the button? Even Richard Nixon wasn't wound that tight. "

3.) From our acidulous colleague Chris Floyd, "Five Gears in Reverse: The Cold War and Modern Moral Cowardice": "And so the feeling that these attributes -- tyranny, torture, slavish obedience, surveillance, etc. -- were utterly un-American became deeply worked into the national psyche. (Or large quadrants of it.) But this is obviously not true anymore. The well-attested, well-publicized and manifold abuses of the Bush Administration have evoked scarcely a ripple of complaint from the American people . . . ."

4.) From our inimitable colleague Joe Bageant, whose new collection, Deer Hunting with Jesus, is about to arrive at a bookstore near you, "Ghosts of Tim Leary and Hunter Thompson:
Freedom vs. Authority under the 40-foot Pulsating Rainbow Vagina": "Real cultural outlaws are still allowed on stage. But to be acceptable to the corporate media state's manufactured reality, they must construct a persona (or be assigned one based upon what their behavior symbolizes) and maintain that persona, for which they are either rewarded, as Thompson was, or imprisoned as Leary was, according to the role they play out in the TV news non-reality show. "

5.) Okay, it's not a proper rant, but this post by our eloquent colleague Richard of American Leftist is as fine and reasoned an appreciation of Cindy Sheehan as we ever hope to see.

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