Friday, June 08, 2007

Funny. None of the Male Recruits Ever Objected 

Memo to Marine Corps: You cannot rape underage girls, even if it helps you make your March recruiting numbers:
Settling a highly publicized case in which two military recruiters were accused of rape, the U.S. Marine Corps has agreed to pay two young women $200,000 and change its recruiting practices in Northern California.

The assaults allegedly occurred in 2004, when the two women were 17-year-old high school students.

They said the Marine recruiters, then-Sgts. Joseph Dunzweiler and Brian Fukushima, raped them in a Ukiah (Mendocino County) recruiting office. The women had expressed interest in joining the Marines.

Barry Vogel, a Ukiah attorney representing the two women, said
one was told she had to have sex if she wanted to join the Marines. The other girl, said Vogel, was so drunk she vomited on herself.

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