Friday, June 08, 2007

Get Well Soon! 

Courtesy of Zemblan patriot J.D.: After tossing back a few "non-alcoholic beers" with his dawg Tony Blair, the President was stricken with a mysterious "stomach ailment" that forced him to skip a G8 meeting on Africa:
But the president has already recovered from his illness, according to reports. He rejoined the gathering by lunch and prepared for talks in Poland on a missile defense system.

"He feels well enough to continue with his full activities," White House counselor Dan Bartlett told reporters. "He feels terrible about any disruption he may have caused."

The president was already dressed when he began feeling ill in the morning, Bartlett said. The aide said Bush's illness was "probably more viral in nature" and did not appear to be the result of anything he ate at the summit of eight industrialized democracies being held at a luxury resort here.

Bush stayed in bed for several hours to rest and recuperate. He missed one session with African leaders and another with leaders from China, India, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, all developing nations, not G-8 members . . . .

Yesterday, as their time as leaders together came to an end, the dynamic duo of George Bush and Tony Blair shared a laugh over a non-alcoholic beer . . . .

Today Bush's spokesman joked that the president was staying in his room during his illness because he did not want to follow in the footsteps of his father, former U.S. President George H.W. Bush.

Bush's father became ill and collapsed in the international spotlight in January 1992 during a summit in Tokyo. The president called his fainting, which was captured on film and run repeatedly on television, "a little tiny bout of the flu" adding, "That's all there is to it."

A videotape of the elder Bush's collapse at a state dinner showed him toppling unconscious from his chair and vomiting as Barbara Bush rushed to aid him.
In unrelated news, the 26-year-old heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune was dragged out of court "screaming and crying out for her mother when she was ordered back to jail . . . to serve out the remainder of her 45-day sentence for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case." Zemblan patriot H.W. informs us that Mr. Bush is weighing the possibility of a full pardon for Ms. Hilton, because, as a White House spokesperson explained, "the President knows what that shit is like."

(Thanks to Zemblan patriot M.S. for the tip.)

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