Friday, June 01, 2007

Retroactive Reclassification 

Hey, it's worth a try. After all, it worked with Sibel Edmonds, didn't it?
An ex-spy whose unmasking led to the conviction of Vice President Dick Cheney's top aide is suing the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, accusing it of unconstitutionally interfering with publication of her memoir.

Valerie Plame Wilson and her publisher, Simon & Schuster, filed a suit in the U.S. District Court in New York on Thursday against J. Michael McConnell, the U.S. director of national intelligence, and CIA Director Michael Hayden . . . .

The suit said although the CIA had released Plame's dates of service in an unclassified document, "the CIA now purports to classify or reclassify Ms. Wilson's pre-2002 federal service dates" so it cannot be published in her memoir "Fair Game."

The CIA had also demanded "significant portions" of Wilson's manuscript be "excised or rendered 'fiction"' to protect the secrecy of Wilson's service before 2002, it said.

"Defendants cannot unring the bell by asserting that their documented, authorized and voluntary disclosure was just a mistake," the suit said.

"There simply is no basis for the CIA to maintain in effect that Valerie Plame is the only person in the world who is not entitled to publish this information," it said . . . .

The suit said Plame has worked with the CIA Publications Review Board for the past 10 months to comply fully with her secrecy agreements and avoid divulging any national security information.

"The CIA's effort to classify public domain information is an unreasonable attempt at prior restraint of publication, and a violation of our First Amendment rights," Simon & Schuster said in a statement.

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