Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In Which We Endeavor to Elevate the Discourse 

1.) Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (far left) in the distinctive headgear she wore when her husband was peddling all of America's military secrets to our future owners, the Red Chinese (near left).

2.) First Lady Laura Bush (upper right) in the burqa her husband makes her wear when they visit Poppy's for dinner with the bin Ladens, who still haven't figured out where to invest all the cash they used to park, pre-9/11, with the Carlyle Group.

3.) American soldiers (lower right) attending a garden party in honor of presumptive GOP nominee John McCain, whose middle name is "Genet" (French for "cocksucker"). Like his namesake, candidate McCain picked up a trick or two in prison. After revealing all of America's military secrets to his North Vietnamese masters (and thence to our future owners, the Red Chinese), he was sent back to the U.S. to introduce le malaise Francais to the Republican party. As should be obvious from recent headlines, it has since that time spread like wildfire.

(Thanks to Zemblan patriot J.M. for the photos.)

UPDATE (in response to a query from Zemblan patriot J.D.): No, we do not happen to feel that First Lady Laura Bush is a dead ringer for the famously large-boned sitcom actress "Delta Burqa."

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