Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Boy Loves His Dog 

We were actually quite satisfied with the Imperial Beagle, who has been receiving unprecedented respect from passersby since the extremely gratifying climax of the Westminster Dog Show --

-- until Zemblan patriot J.D. sent us the footage immediately below of "Big Dog," an artificial creature conceived and constructed by the engineers at Boston Dynamics with the benefit of a measly $10 million grant from DARPA:

In the Imperial Beagle's favor: 1) he is extremely affectionate and howls to greet us whenever we come home, and 2) has no lethal military applications, that we are aware of.

In Big Dog's favor: 1) he can carry a 340-lb. payload, and 2) does not eat his own shit.

Can anyone put us in touch with the breeder?

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